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Music of the Day: ALI - The List

Avantgarde RockNroll for your Mind and Soul That's all.

A dream-ridden songwriter meeting a ragtag clump of rock devotees, seeking to elevate. What formed was an organic, clearer shape that is the ALI project.

The alternative rock band has released five singles so far, all five have hit #1 the nation's top rock radio charts. Their first ever live performance was a headline act at the alternative rock festival in Sofia in 2021 REBEL REBEL. In 2022 the band had several gigs across Bulgaria, recorded a live performance at the Bulgarian National Radio’s legendary Studio 1 and supported the mighty Dutch De Staat for their Bulgarian gig.

ALI’s fan base has increased five times since their remarkable arrival on the rock music scene in Bulgaria in May 2020. Their original songs have received airplay not only locally, but also - on French, Swiss, Canadian and Belgian programs and playlists.

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