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(Short) Movie of the Day: True Colors (2021) by Milda Baginskaite

True Colours is a parallel plot following teenagers Ayesha and Chloe who are neighbours yet inhabit very different worlds and think that the grass is greener on the other side. Ayesha's traditionalist mother has embedded a perception that correlates fairer skin tone with beauty and personal success thus she is in a dilemma to be true to herself but instead hides under layers and layers of skin whitening products. On the other side, Chloe's bold and diva-ish mother has set an example to do the opposite i.e. skin tanning and western outlook to achieve similar objectives, thus Chloe hides behind filters that make her skin look tanned. Watch and hear the inner frustrations of both teenagers and how they actually feel versus how they appear to the world. They imagine how they would like to challenge their overbearing parents and question the external world and society, playing a huge part in defining them. However, young women expressing their self-determination and individualism to the world isn't risk-free. Link IMDB: About movie: Link to watch:

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