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(Short) Movie of the Day: Insieme Insieme (2022) by Bernardo Zanotta

Produced by the revolutionary director Yann Gonzalez (Un couteau dans le coeur), among others, this queer farce made in 16mm presents, in addition to the riot of primary colors and languages ​​(four are spoken), also a compendium of quotes and references – romance , black comedy, auteur cinema, gore, B series, literary monologues (Chordelos de Laclos) and some purely Italian evocations, given that the film is set between Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta (Piero Chiara, Alberto Lattuada and so on), not to mention the metatextual references (the character filming the film that runs through the TV with the same actors from… Together Together inside). History? Inconsistent - everything revolves around a trip in the car - dialogues at zero level, to better avoid the tragedy of life in a world unhinged in which the bizarre is still the safest way to pleasure. Link IMDB:

(available until 24th June, Pesaro Fil mFestival)

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