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(Short) Movie of the Day: Fishing (2024) by Josie Charles

A dark comedy exploring female sexuality and the impact of pornography, FISHING is a single-take short film shot on a camcorder. It’s 2006. Lola has been stuck in her room for three days and refuses to leave. She plays around with a camcorder, but is rudely interrupted by her Mum, nagging her to come out. Alone again, Lola tells a tale of whirlwind romance that culminates in a rather disappointing ‘first time’. But before she can reveal the climax of this journey, another knock at the door. This time it’s her dearest friend Amy with concerns about Lola’s safety, forcing her to confess the truth of her confinement. Winner Best Short, Slamdance Film Festival 2024. Link IMDB: Link Review: About movie: Link to watch: (available until 1st of March)

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