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(Short) Movie of the Day: éter godzilla (2020) by Andre Alves Pinto

Marina, 20, is a girl from a wealthy family who ventures for fun with her oldest friend, Abismo, in a a dangerous region of the city. Not far away, a black boy, Zeca, a graffiti artist, also 20 years old, paints a great panel on a deserted street. Paulo, Mário and Joaquim are psychopathic policemen wandering the city looking for victims. on one Marina's moment of weakness, she falls into the hands of psychopaths, and at a common moment in Zeca's life, he has the same fate. When the tragedy seems right, in a stroke of luck, Zeca breaks free, takes out two combat officers and saves Rape marina. At the sight of the third policeman, an unlikely conscience call saves them both from death. Selected Festival De Cinema De Jaraguá Do Sul - Sc - Brasil 202. Link to watch:

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