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Premiere of the Day: Filmmaker Vidal D’Costa Releases New Short Film, ‘I Could Try to Carry On

Premiering on the digital streaming platform My Cinema Hall on Friday, February 17th, burgeoning Filmmaker/Writer Vidal D’Costa’s short film “I Could Try to Carry On” has just begun its journey. At least cinematically. It is D’Costa’s second attempt at crafting a short narrative based around social issues after her first, “Airbrushed Beyond Recognition.” According to D’Costa, “I Could Try to Carry On” stemmed from a short, blank verse poem she wrote three years prior, titled “Bruised Battered and Bullied.” As the title suggests, the poem is about a character talking in the first person about her brutal experiences with bullying from classmates at school and online, as well as the toll of the same on her mental health.

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