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Netflix’s deliriously entertaining zombie heist movie is the top streaming flick this week

Netflix deserves a round of applause, and I’ll tell you why.At this point, a certain kind of pop culture fan doesn’t need another army of the undead threatening to wipe out humanity yarn. Been there, done that. I need something new, fresh, and exciting — and some attitude certainly doesn’t hurt. Netflix’s newest hit original film, Army of the Dead, checked all of these boxes and more for me, and apparently did the same for many of you all, too (since the Dave Bautista-led action title tops our list of the most-watched movies across the major streaming platforms this week). The writing was crisp, with great banter, fun characters, over-the-top action, and the addition of both a heist element as well as excesses like a zombie tiger. “It’s a (expletive) zombie tiger, that’s crossing the line,” casino owner Bly Tanaka’s associate Martin laments during the film.

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