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Music of the Day: Zuzu - Queensway Tunnel

Zuzu, Liverpool's acclaimed singer-songwriter – and noted sci-fi obsessive, gamer and comic book enthusiast - has emerged from her home studio in Liverpool after what can only be described as a productive twelve months. Zuzu has spent the year preparing for the release of her debut album Queensway Tunnel, writing music for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time: Distant Lands, reworking her song “How It Feels” to into Simlish (the official language of The Sims video game) and in May she became the first artist in the northern hemisphere to play a non-socially-distanced live show, as she opened for Blossoms in front of 5,000 enthusiastic fans. 
 Debut album Queensway Tunnel, released on November 12th via Zuzu's own Planet Z Records, draws its power from themes of change, addiction, sci-fi, escapism, identity, community, and the protection of mental health. Sincere, intimate and raw, Zuzu catalogues what she describes as a “deep emotional unrest” by sorting and filing her feelings through her music; defragging a cluttered and chaotic headspace to figure out what it means to navigate life as a twenty-something.

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