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Music of the Day: Witching Hour- Queen Of Wands

Witching Hour (a.k.a. Claire Quartz) makes magical pop music. Her distinct candy goth vision maintains a delicate balance between light and dark, and exudes a playful moodiness that keeps you on your toes. She’ll draw you in with her cheeky lyrics and glittering synths, then break you with her gut punching depictions of love, loss, and grief. Sweetly devastating and encouragingly cathartic, Witching Hour takes you on a swirling odyssey of self love and emotional exploration, navigating a world filled with pure joy and vicious heartbreak. These pulsing, intimate glimpses into her life are injected with juicy bass lines, infectious hooks, and rich textural flourishes. 
 After growing a colourful collection of beat-driven emopop tracks, Witching Hour is ready to stun audiences with a blast of her sonic pixie dust

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