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Music of the Day: Whole Damn Mess - Into The Great Unknown

Rock ‘n’ roll causes a physical response. Hips sway, feet tap, heads nods, and hearts race. On stage and on tape, Whole Damn Mess provoke a primal reaction. Packing a potent punch with timeless songcraft and unbridled energy. The Los Angeles band—Don Miggs, C. Todd Nielsen, Lawrence Katz, and Greg Hansen (along with a permanent “ensemble” of drummers and bass players)—forge an instant connection that’s as lively as their performances. After canvasing the country alongside iconic acts, receiving acclaim from Diffuser and Vents, and releasing fan favorite projects, the group ignite a tried-and-true approach with a fresh fire in 2021. If anybody can make you feel this way, it’s this crew… Proudly identifying as “a group of four guys who aren’t teenagers but still fight like it,” they approach music with a clear perspective on reality and an understanding of the challenges to maintain a piece of yourself in the face of mounting responsibilities. Shocking this sentiment to life, they rallied around a shared vision. Ultimately, this is music curated by guys who love music as much today as they did as teens.

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