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Music of the Day: Who Is She? - MoviePass

From ‘Goddess Energy,’ out August 25, 2023. Previous record, 2017’s , was a field trip through endless delights. A collection of unforgettable rock n' roll hits about rom-coms, missed connection ads, the magic of a MySpace Top 8, and the chemistry of David Arquette and Courtney Cox. Now, the Seattle supergroup of master songwriters – Robin Edwards (Lisa Prank), Bree Mckenna (Tacocat), and Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt) – are joined by a new member: Tacocat’s Emily Nokes, who brings glorious harmonies to the studio and keyboards to the live experience, adding a new dimension to an expansive universe of sound. And with a new member comes word of a new record: Goddess Energy.

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