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Music of the Day: Westway - Boy Who Cried Nuclear War

Westway is a rock band from Finland consisting of frontman Ilmari Läntinen, guitarist Tuomas Hokkanen, drummer Henri Niemi, bass player Joni Hartikainen and keyboard player Hampus Backström. Westway provides a wide array of rock styles mixed with melodies that will not leave your memory to create an energetic musical package.Westway are releasing their next single Boy Who Cried Nuclear War in June 2023, bringing an energetic live staple to life in the studio. The band will play in Finland in 2023 starting with Semifinal, Helsinki on 21.7.

The band released it’s first EP called “Postcards” in June 2022, which included singles like Martyr and Holding On, and Like a Dam led the way of the unreleased material on the EP.

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