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Music of the Day: Virgins - s l o w l y, l o n g

Deafening dream pop.” 
 Virgins are a Belfast based shoegaze band with Michael Smyth at the hazy centre and joined by vocalist Rebecca Dow on the recordings. Born out of a serendipitous encounter with Slow Crushes ‘Aurora’ record this acted as the catalyst for Michael’s foray into the fuzz and reverb soaked world of shoegaze. 
 “Bliss kissed ‘Vows’ propels you to a rapture of ecstatic emotion” 
 Virgins signed to Galway based label Blowtorch Records in July of 2022. 
 “Cocteau Twins with extra guitar and drums, exquisite.” 
 Debut single ‘Vows’ was released August 2021 to accolades from press and radio alike, the track premiered on white, The Verge Music News drew comparisons to Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream. The track was picked up by Golden Plec, Chordblossom, Grace Note and played on BBC Across the Line as a World Exclusive and Q Radio. Shoegaze Blog broke their rule of not covering singles for Vows deeming it “deafening dream pop.”

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