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Music of the Day: Tina Rizzle - Can't Breathe

My Name Is Clementine Rizzuto Hiphop Rap Since 13 Years Old Artist Rap name Tina Rizzle aka Treal Im From Northampton U.k. Im unsinged one brother one sister grew up single mother . I started Writing My Raps as Poetry then later formed it on a beat in to rap since i recorded my first song its been on ive dedicated my life to my music puting music out since , I have many albums an single to name a few Who do i trust ALBUM , Truth will be Revealed, Trample the devil ft Trashey Don & Forever Trying also Badda than this an Hiphop My Life Album Ft Lengendary member of the Outlawz Young Noble I have 7 albums an 8 singles include Christmas Time, Get This Money, Dance to the beat, Hurricanes ,Bad Girl, World Cup Storey, Thuggin Eternally Ft Young Noble an many more Check out an please Subscribe to my channel Support the Movement With my Unique Flow an Hot Rymes No one has my style Im The Real Hiphop Queen But I aint Been Crowned Rizzle Ready heated Heavy Spreading flow Lyrics World wide one love

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