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Music of the Day: Tight Clique - You and I

Join the clique! Tight Clique's gripping and modern sound is mainly made to represent open mindedness and hope. It’s meant to be a push for positive change. The sound creates a save space for any person who feels different and excluded. A place where everyone is accepted and loved for who they really are. Musically, the three guys from Dresden, Germany aren’t limited by any specific genre or scene. When they are together in a studio creating music, the product is „the open minded tight clique sound“. Three musicians and a very special musical vibe. Besides their marked preference for sound symbiosis, the musicians who were formerly known for their work in various metal projects, are nostalgic friends that made their first musical experiences when they were about two years old playing in the sandbox together. When on tour, the passionate musicians do their best to have an unforgettable time with everyone involved. Especially with their crowd in front of the stage!

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