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Music of the Day: The Saint Cecilia - Pretender

rom the outside, Saint Cecilia is a collection of emotional images, love, art, power, passion, lust and verve. They are a driven and unique band from all over the northern hemisphere. In a time that names like Bowie, Hendrix, Brown and Morrison still generate mystery, they mean very little to the musical charts. Actually at a time that music itself seems to mean little to the those charts…Saint Cecilia arrives on fire and ready to shake up and wake up a somewhat sleepy musical world. 
 Yes, they rock and yes, they play, microphones, guitars, bass, drums and whatever else it takes to make music with heart, sparks, rhythm and soul. If you’ve been missing, moving, grooving and just getting out and living hard, fun and full, you’ve just found your new soundtrack, dig in and get ready for one hell of ride…Saint Cecelia are not only the patron saints of music, they are the saints of the musical life!

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