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Music of the Day: The Moss - Insomnia

“INSOMNIA”, The Moss Latest release, all came together in September of 2021. The Moss members all live in one apartment complex that they found in downtown Magna, UT. They enjoy keeping each other up to date on worldly news and in the loop of their lives. Brierton enjoys waking the other members up in the dead of night. Brierton has more recently been diagnosed with INSOMNIA. He knocks on Willie’s door, “Hey Willie it’s me Brierton, care for a midnight snack? I’m having trouble sleeping and thought you might be awake.” Willie wasn’t awake, but he was happy to get frequent nightly visits from his beloved band mate. “Sure, let’s have a snack.” Little did they know that Addison was also up late watching “driving home 2 u”. Tyke was writing the lyrics to “INSOMNIA” across the hall.

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