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Music of the Day: The Foxies - Little Monsters

With their uniquely feral brand of rock ‘n’ roll, The Foxies are a Nashville-based power trio built on thrashing punk energy and the hypnotic pageantry of electronic pop. Composed of front woman Julia Lauren Bullock, guitarist Jake Ohlbaum and dummer Rob Bodley. The Foxies are releasing their new single “Little Monsters”, on October 8th. "Little Monsters" is an otherworldly, edgy dance track that brings awareness to intrusive thoughts caused by OCD. The Foxies exploded into 2021 on Tik Tok with their 1st single “Timothée Chalamet." gaining over 2.5 million views on the platform. Later in 2021, The Foxies released 2 other singles called “Screws” and “Summer Never Dies” that kept existing and new fans something rock out to. With plenty of solo time in 2020, the Nashville-based trio of misfits have come to a unilateral realization: there is no such thing as normal. The Foxies will be on tour in 2021 and will finally be able to perform songs from their 2020 EP release, Growing Up is Dead, which received attention from Rolling Stone (Song You Need To Know - Anti Socialite), Alt Press, American Songwriter and Pop Dust.

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