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Music of the Day: The Dirty Shirts - Detonator

Like so many of us that were re-discovering ourselves through the pandemic, Nick Santa Maria was doing the same and found himself diving headfirst into soaring guitars, disco beats, and sequined mod-inspired threads. Off the road for the first time after years of playing for other artists, Nick finally had the time to return to writing songs of his own, making the soundtrack to his new reality. What arose was The Dirty Shirts - marrying the nostalgia of the Warped Tour era music he grew up playing with the scope and image of the glam rock and pop music he’d come to love. The music and aesthetic of The Dirty Shirts, “Dance Floor Rock n Roll”, was a response to the drudgery of quarantine. Songs to remind us of blaring music with your friends deep into the early hours, and not worrying about the vaccination status of your uber driver.

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