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Music of the Day: The Classic Crime - RAGEBOI

Seattle band The Classic Crime has delivered songs with infectious melodies and powerful lyrics since forming in 2014. Starting with 4 releases on Seattle-based Tooth & Nail Records between 2006-2010, and continuing on independently since 2012’s self-funded “Phoenix”, 2014's retrospective "What Was Done: Volume 1”, 2017’s “How to Be Human” and 2020’s “Patterns in the Static”. The band enters 2023 with a new album, “GRIM AGE,” which is a nuanced stream-of-consciousness expression of the feeling of “Right Now”. Written during COVID lockdowns, the songs on “GRIM AGE” explore the emotions of being trapped in both physical and virtual spaces, as well as the implications of death. “GRIM AGE” is a sonic pilgrimage through desperation, consolation, and ultimately acceptance.

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