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Music of the Day: The City Lines - Far Enough

This Spring, Southeast Michigan band The City Lines returns for singer/songwriter Pat Deneau’s second album of Midwestern Power Pop anthems and anecdotes, in a refined style that increasingly feels like Bruce Springsteen if he were backed by Jimmy Eat World. With a fondness for 90s alt-rock guitars and rowdy singalong choruses, these songs crank up the introspections and build solidly upon the momentum of the band’s 2021 debut, Waiting on a Win. Drawing on Deneau’s potent life experiences as a father, a husband, a career firefighter, and a member of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Analog Memories is an airtight collection of short stories that charges straight at the sophomore slump and jumps over it on a dirt bike. “Looking back far enough,” he sings, “so I can move forward. Covered a lot of ground, but this road feels brand new."

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