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Music of the Day: The Blood Republic - Need Some Time

The Blood Republic have been carving their place into the modern alternative rock scene since 2018 offering a bold re-imagining of the genre.Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Zak Müller launched The Blood Republic in September 2018 with angsty debut single 'Ditch'. After a few years of consistent single releases, Zak Müller's Blood Republic is a unique and exciting addition to the modern rock music scene with its raw, energetic sound and captivating artistic flare. With a dynamic blend of rock influences and modern edge, the band has already gained a devoted following among fans of the genre. The Blood Republic's powerful vocals, driving rhythms, and catchy songwriting has earned critical acclaim from industry insiders.The bands upcoming EP "Take Back Control" is out September 29th 2023 and is poised to be their most popular release to date with some of their catchiest and anthemic songs yet

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