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Music of the Day: TAG MY HEART - ENEMY

TAG MY HEART – a confident, energetic and authentic group of four combining several styles of modern metal. The band – consisting of Isabel, Neno, Peter and Chris – formed in late 2020 and immediately started pushing the limits that were set by the global exceptional situation in order to demonstrate what their determination and music is capable of. Within the first six months of the band’s existence they teamed up with Marc Görtz of Caliban, Benjamin Richter and Mirko Witzki to write, produce and shoot the first songs and singles. After playing their first show in Kyiv (Ukraine) with Dark Tranquillity in November 2021, the 1. EP and a support-tour with Dark Tranquillity & Ensiferum followed in spring 2022. Shows with Infected Rain & Lord of the Lost followed.With the first single releases 'FIGHTER' and 'ENEMY' there is a first preview of their debut album which will be released on July 28th 2023.

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