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Music of the Day: STORM SEEKER - Rolling Home

Everyone only one bottle of rum and don‘t drink and steer! And now, let‘s go, off on deck, the crew expects your full commitment! When the small ship called Storm Seeker started in the port of the hanseatic city of Neuss, the prospect of an adventure in the small harbours of the surrounding area was already appealing enough to plunge into waves. Who would have thought that the now five-member group with its unusual mixture of classic metal ensemble and melodic instruments like cello, hurdy-gurdy and nyckelharpa would soon set its sails not only along the Rhine but also in completely unknown waters in Germany and Europe? After the release of their EP in 2016, gigs all over Germany, Switzerland and Italy followed, as well as the first bigger stages at the Metal Days in Slovenia and the Dong Open Air in Germany

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