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Music of the Day: SLOE JACK - BEAST MODE

Jack Garritty, known professionally as SLOE JACK, is an Australian singer, songwriter and music producer.Growing up in a small country town in Australia, Jack was brought up in a harsh reality of neglect, and torment.After being pulled out of school at 15, SLOE JACK found purpose in music production. Using nothing but an old laptop, he began sampling sounds and creating music that would become his signature sound. Starting with dubstep, he eventually evolved into a blend of overdriven rock tones, sharp rhythms, and cutting-edge electronic production that defies genre classification. His music is an infernal force, shaped by the torment and struggle that plagued his youth.Through sheer grit and determination, SLOE JACK has risen up as a voice for the voiceless. His music is a battle cry for the forgotten and the downtrodden.

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