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Music of the Day: Silent Gears - Dance

Silent Gears is an italian electro-rock band formed in October 2019. The nearly casual reunion between Cristian Esposito and Andrea Tirimacco, 12 years later from the split of the industrial metal band "Keen", from whom they were members and musical soul, gave birth to a new electro-rock reality which alternates melodic and thoughtful moments to more aggressive, strong and "metal"ones. This reality took it's final form and identity with the vocals of Joele Turchi, whose powerful and poliedric voice aroused interest from them, which strongly wanted him to join Silent Gears as an added value to the project. 2020 has the band focused on the writing of their debut EP, which was anticipated by two videos: “Mechanical Rusting Doll” in April and “The Sleep of Reason”, their melodic song, in September. So, in December 2020 they released their first official self-titled EP "Silent Gears", composed of 7 tracks of pure Electro-Rock – EBM and Metal essence, music with which they grew up.

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