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There's a warm tropical wind blowing through modern pop. Even producers from frosty Northern countries attempt to impart some sunshine to their mixes. Artists who can conjure those Latin American breezes while maintaining the cool reserve now in fashion worldwide among appreciators of contemporary popular music are in short supply – but when listeners find one, they don't let go. That's why Shiadanni has become an indispensable figure. The singer and songwriter was born and raised in Guadalajara, and the echoes of Mexican pop-rock are audible in everything she does. But she's currently based in Montreal, the center of the dream-pop revolution, and the sound she's crafted there draws heavily from late-night R&B and moody, intoxicated hip-hop. With the confidence of an auteur who has found her path, Shiadanni nods toward the many places she's been and makes records that suit the whole world.

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