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Music of the Day: Saint Mary - Stay

Saint Mary is a 4-piece power music band from Jakarta, Indonesia that is completed by its singer and frontman Joviel "El" Prabawa, guitarist and vocalist Joe Pramudio, bassist Sobro Nagalih, and drummer Jerikko Ravidya. Taking a circle back between realism and a spiritualistic approach in delivering their message, the band serves as the musical representation of Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, symbolizing the divine power of breaking the impossible and accommodating the world with their 'preach' and noise.Releasing their first debut "Tak Peduli" to the world, Saint Mary speaks up about the recent turmoil and civil unrest of student suicide cases and the divided public opinion of grieving and victim-blaming. Frontally angry, a mixture of Joviel's lyrics and Joe's in-your-face songwriting compels mental health-degrading people to "suck it up" and stop content-izing social problems.

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