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Music of the Day: Saaret - Moods

Finnish indie band Saaret's music is extraordinary and filmatic: a fresh mixture of classical instruments, synthesizers and ambient soundscapes. Their songs explore dystopian and post human visions, new lifeforms, decomposing in a rosebush, a panicing robot in the desert and being stuck in a Terminal. There is a strong ecological and feminist attitude and the band has described their music with a term “ecoromantic”.The band's latest single Moods smoothly combines a hypnotic riff of with psychedelia, jazz and ambient elements. The ghostly atmosphere and tight beat takes the listener to a claustrophobic scenery where events are repeated over and over and over again. Song features guests Joakim Berghäll, (baritone saxophone) and Saaramaija Zorawski (flute) who are well known from finnish jazz and indie circles.

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