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Music of the Day: Rootiger - "Petrify Me"

Rootiger is the songwriting vehicle of Scranton, Pennsylvania native Mark Dunford. While enlisted in the United States Air Force, Mark was mostly stationed in rural New Mexico. He lived in a cabin, working on his voice as a songwriter on his off time. Learning several instruments, making crude home recordings and self-releasing them onto the internet. After separating from the military in 2018 he relocated to Boston, MA to attend Berklee College of Music. His first single “Shotgun Seat” was released in August 2019. Followed by a cover of 's "I'm so tired". Released in August 2020 "Deadlights" and July 2021 “folk songs & trap beats” are his latest singles. Rootiger’s upcoming first EP was recorded in June 2021 for the first time with a band and in a studio (Micah Lucas on bass, David Himmel on drums) at 37” Productions in Rockland, MA with Zach Bloomstein producing and engineering. “things change real slow” is set to release October 29.

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