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Music of the Day: Over The Moon - Your Life, My Life

It’s back. Punk. With MGK and other artists bringing back alternative style and putting it into the mainstream, we are left with an exciting time in music. Over The Moon, is here to serve your ears and emotions. The band has concocted a sound straight out of a 2000’s wet dream, but have added a modern twist to allow easy digest for all the kiddies. With the pop punk wave back in action, Over The Moon wanted to do something a little different. Over The Moon wants to bring back alternative/emo style, and they want it done right, in a new refreshing way. No mom, we are not a phase. Over The Moon is here to make good music and to have a good time. Lead singer Nick Mahoney, lets his heart bleed into the music, leaving no reason for therapy. He also lets his style show.

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