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Music of the Day: Olivia Browse - Nevermind Valentine

An indie pop artist that fuses influences from bubblegum pop to indie rock. Olivia's lyrics are the main focus of her songs, sharing life experiences and darker topics using witty and creative lyrics that resonate with her audience. Olivia brings light to difficult situations in her songs, addressing some uncomfortable topics, whilst also encapsulating the typical university experiences of drinking and relationships with her charming sense of honesty. Originally from Essex, Olivia moved to Manchester, which is where she can be found performing; her stage presence can't go unnoticed, accompanied by her bright yellow flower guitar. 'Sad Bops' is the genre Olivia gives her music as her songs are emotionally driven but are not without a catchy hook for audiences to sing along too. Unforgettable melodies paired with direct lyricism make Olivia's music enjoyable to any listener.

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