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Music of the Day: NinetyNine - Love on a Budget

NinetyNine is an artist, songwriter & producer from Hamburg, Germany. His height of 1,99 meters and his birth year 1999 inspired his stage name NinetyNine. He was raised in a musical family, began playing 7 instruments and writing songs in his early childhood. When he was 17, he started working on his debut album with the producer and 2-time ECHO-Award winner Henrik Menzel. NinetyNine got signed as a songwriter at BMG Publishing Germany by the age of 19, and started writing and producing songs for other artists. Together with Henrik Menzel, NinetyNine created his own style after writing over 150 songs over the past 5 years: International Pop music with melancholic and catchy melodies, personal and relatable lyrics, a scratchy voice with a soft falsetto over a vintage-inspired, organic and modern production. He released his first single, the 80's inspired melancholic pop-song "Only a Movie" in February, his second and most personal song "Mama" in March, going back to his routes with an old-school pop-rock song called "Born in 99" in March and released his 4th single "Miss You So" in May, which is currently climbing up the Top 200 Airplay Charts in Germany.

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