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Music of the Day: Nightbus - Mirrors

Nightbus are an eclectic three-piece band. Hailing from varying parts of the North of England, They are now based in Manchester. Set behind a backdrop of haze with the mid 20s coming knocking. Nightbus (Olive, Jake and Zac) found common ground in their mutual taste in music. Amongst those late nights and the hedonism that comes with them, partnered with somewhat of a compulsive nature. The question of; what next? Rang around. In summer 2022, a desire to collaborate and make their own music was almost telepathically manifested. Evidently their sound is a testament to the scenes, eras and bands that have inspired them to make music that would stand out in an ever-expanding alternative scene. 
 To make and write late night music is the ethos of the band. Soundtracking those manic but also tender moments. Sleepless nights, a manic night out, the journey home and everything in between. Debut singles WP3 & Mirrors beckons you to the mindset of a twenty-something, immersed in the damp, grey, vice soaked North-West of England.

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