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Music of the Day: Night in Athens - Pressure

Solo dark synth project punctuated by disturbing vocals, whispers, cajoles, and screams. In 2020, NIA emerged from the DIY London punk scene, where she had played keyboards in bands. She began composing and producing "to exorcise her demons" when confined to her East London room during the lockdown. METROPOLIS was the debut EP in 2021. The songs feature dark electro that combines punk, darkwave, and coldwave. She proceeded to self release records, such as 2022's CRIME SEEN, which is a proto-minimal-synth cult blended with the analogue synthwave tribe, while also focusing on the electroclash preachings. In less than two years, NIA has done many performances in Europe/UK and she is well-known for creating visual excitement on stage that complements her musical energy. She is considered to be among the acts of the minimal synth and cold wave revival, combining crisp analogue synths with detached lyrical tone.

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