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Music of the Day: New Habits - Sunflares

Effectively fusing elements of avant-garde genres to capture a sound that is uniquely & wholly theirs, New Habits is a self-produced group looking to break the boundaries of modern rock. In conjunction with distinctive sonics & earworm riffs, listeners can also expect a unique dynamic from the band's two singers: Aaron on lead vocals & Zach on bass & vocals. Their dual tones & dancing melodies are reinforced by a much needed & highly refreshing form of lyricism within the heavy metal scene. Inspired by first & secondhand experiences with both succumbing to & overcoming ab*se, addiction, mental health, trauma & more, the group takes a familiar approach of spotlighting the reality of adversity while implementing a refreshing theme of overcoming it - all in the hopes of inspiring their listeners to reinforce “New Habits” of their own.

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