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Music of the Day: Neon Bones - Rubble Rouser

Like the humble beginnings of a star forming in the cosmos.... Lee Hartney (The Smith Street Band) started NEON BONES as a bedroom recording project to write some fun synth songs for his baby daughter. Lee has now turned a few little ditties into a full blown band and cosmic force to be reckoned with! Based around merging fat synth bass lines with shimmery clean guitars and keys. The addition of Matt Bodiam's (The Smith Street Band, H-Block 101, A Death in the Family) metronomic high energy drumming has created a totally unique synth rock super nova extravaganza! Musically the band is very influenced by the 80's. It's fun, whimsical at times, energetic with a slightly dark undertone. Lyrically the songs explore the world through the eyes of a 2 year old and deals with the wonder and hope that exists in that world, coupled with a 40 year olds cynicism... Which basically boils down to it being about rainbow unicorns and the soul destroying nature of life! Their debut album was entirely recorded at The Smith Street Band's studio by Matt and Lee. Lead single "Skybound" has been self released by the band on January 20th 2023, with the full album expected later in the year. Live the band has been completed by David Hartney (Robot Child), Sean Callanan (Ceres) and Kade Fountain (Sweet Gold). So strap in and let this interstellar band shoot you to the stars and back!

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