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Music of the Day: NEEVE - This got me staying

NEEVE from South Germany allows a name-dropping of a special kind. From a certain point of view, NEEVE are a bit like The National, nowhere near as toxic as Oasis. Similarly, entangled as Kings of Leon and twice as many as the Kinks. In fact, the 2018 formed band has a close family connection. They consist of two pairs of brothers who are also cousins: Felix Seyboth (vocals, drums) and Axel Seyboth (production, piano, guitar) and Marius Spohrer (guitar) and Philipp Spohrer (bass). The band’s name NEEVE, should therefore also be understood as a common, fictitious family name. Musically, NEEVE are closer to acts like The 1975, Giant Rooks, The Neighbourhood or even The Killers.

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