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Music of the Day: Necter's Bruise Your Ego Live Demons

Necter is a four-piece indie pop rock group hailing from Long Island, New York with an infectiously bright aggressive sound juxtaposed with hard-hitting lyrics. Debuting with their album, At The Core in 2016, the wildly energetic duo-singer band packs a sweet punch that'll be sure to draw to you in and keep you hooked. The group evolved with a heavier rock sound with their 2017 ep release, Bruise Your Ego, and quickly headed out to successfully tour the east coast in 2019, spreading their peachy vibes all the way down to Austin Texas. In mid-2018, they released their summer single, Woe, while continuing to tour to the midwest and back. The band released a live recording session of their 2017 3-Song EP, Bruise Your Ego, just days before stepping foot in the recording studio to begin creating their next album. The band released their latest album, Spilt Milk, on February 29, 2020 before heading out on a month long tour to the midwest, and along the east coast. The tour was about a quarter way through before the rest was cancelled when COVID-19 turned into pandemic. Now, during quarantine the band is taking some time to write, adventure, and protest while waiting the return of live (and safe) music.

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