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Music of the Day: Mr. Trickster – The End Of An Era

Chris is a singer, songwriter who draws inspiration from any and everything and openly shows his contempt for what's left of what you call music industry. Mr. Trickster is his solo project in which the goal is to play with bandmates and not just session players. Born in Larisa, Greece to a high school teacher mother and a primary school teacher father. Credits his father for introducing him to great artists who would go on to influence his sound. His father would play vinyl records of Camel, Wishbone Ash, Yes, Genesis, Queen, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Sting and many others, leaving a young Chris hungry to hear more, discovering a deep connection to melody, chord progressions, raw emotion and the true artistic spirit of these fantastic artists. Eventually the self-taught artist found his own way of writing his first original compositions. Singers like Kate Bush, Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Freddy Mercury, Phil Collins and Mike Patton paved the way and really got him into singing. .

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