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Music of the Day: Mouth Culture - Don't Pull Up

Beginning in 2019, Mouth Culture already have a profound sense of authenticity and sincerity worthy of artists that have been in this industry for decades, in a time where it is so hard to find those characteristics in modern artists, Mouth Culture have it in bags. 2023 has already seen 2 brand new singles; ‘Johnny Cold Shoulder’, a more emotive and mature anthem with early 90’s brit pop notes, and ‘Cherry Red Rage’, a straight talking punk rock rager, which have both been widely received through national radio and play listing. Fully embracing their roots; the Leicester based three piece made up of Jack Voss (Vocals), Mason Clifford (Guitar) and Todd Groome (Bass) effortlessly straddle the lines between Pop, Rock, Punk, Grunge and Indie – whilst adopting honesty and vulnerability in confessional lyricism, soaring guitars, and a stomping rhythm section, carving fresh and exciting art with a nostalgic twist. Mouth Culture live together at their home base in Leicester, which acts as a creative conduit for the band, enabling them to embrace and execute every step of what it means to be a meaningful artist in an industry where the landscape is changing every day.

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