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Music of the Day: Mildreda - Prophecies

Mildreda's music is complex and multi-dimensional, exuding a deep and multifaceted darkness.Jan Dewulf embarked on his journey with Mildreda during his teenage years back in the 90s, driven by an unstoppable urge for crafting dark electro music. He started by assembling demo tapes, the initial attempts being a bit unpolished. However, ‘De Laffe Denker’ would later attain cult status.As the turn of the century approached, Jan temporarily set Mildreda aside to explore other musical challenges. During this hiatus, he honed his skills as both a producer and songwriter. Almost a decade later, his rekindled interest in dark electro led to a Mildreda comeback. ‘Coward Philosophy’, released only digitally, was critically acclaimed and warmly welcomed by the fans.

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