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Music of the Day: Ludovica - Cycles

Rome made, now in the US. Ludovica is a rising artist. She started music in 2020 and surpassed her first 180K views, 80K all-time streams, and 60K Spotify monthly listeners. Released her first record label collaboration through EMPIRE Distribution, Inc. on her LudovicaVEVO. Ludovica's music is self reflective so she writes a lot about her relationship with herself or herself with others. Her music speaks to people that are either like her or her opposite. In either case, it is definitively for someone who is focused on a form of self reflection that is far from being bias, and instead it is objective, because in objectivity we see how we fit into this world, what role we are going to play, and to understand if we are going to be our own strangers or our own proponents. Themes? building oneself up after hardship, growth, and life-navigation reflections.

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