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Music of the Day: LUCIDBLOOM - Signals in the Skies

LUCIDBLOOM are a femme-fronted indie dream pop outfit hailing from the Blue Mountains. A swirling vision of sound, colour and haze, lucidbloom collaborate with immersive light installations and billowing smoke, for a lushly layered and hypnotic live show that lures you in and sets your heart on fire.

Born from rekindled friendships after years spent living and creating across the globe, lucidbloom’s first EP is a cinematic dreamscape of darkness and light, ignited from a collective consciousness of fires, floods and impending calamity. LUCIDBLOOM draw from a pool of countless influences and creative projects from the five members, from dark electronic pop to nostalgic 90s shoegaze and post-rock, to contemporary acapella choir projects. The result is a brooding, dynamic and organic sound, described by The Underground Stage as “complex and rich, multi-layered and thoughtful.”

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