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Music of the Day: littleuniverses - Magic

“My entire life, if there was anything I was ever sure of, it is this one fact: I wanted to be an artist. I always felt that there is nothing more beautiful than connecting to a work of art that comes from a place of sincerity.” – littleuniverses The Montreal, Quebec artist, littleuniverses aspires to be an artist with an ability to inspire through her craft and connect with an audience from all walks of life. She believes art’s connection to everyone subject to it is unique, and the way it strikes a chord is so deep to provide strength, solace, empathy, and joy, breathing life into all who experience it. littleuniverses needs art and music to feel complete. Whether writing poetry or creating visual art or music, she always felt she created little universes. She chose littleuniverses because, as a singer-songwriter, she strives to create immersive “little universes'' that listeners enter when experiencing her music. These “littleuniverses” generate a dichotomy central to her brand: dark and ethereal, poetic and cinematic.

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