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Music of the Day: Lindsey Was A Man - Gold Watch

Lindsey Was A Man is a Pop / Rock / Electro duo formed in 2018 by Ludo, guitarist and composer and Estelle, singer and songwriter, in Haute-Savoie. It was love at first sight followed by a stunning and vibrant musical chemistry which naturaly sparked the duo. The musical influences are diverse: With her voice tinted by soul and rock, Estelle surprises by the warmth of her tone of voice, which arises on words and stories inspired by a feeling, the ills of the human soul, anxiety, mental illnesses, bereavement, but also the search for happiness, love and hope as a final message, all the words written in English. Her voice is intertwined with the complicity of Ludo's incisive and efficient guitar playing, having a vintage vibe reminiscent of the origins of Rock'N'Roll, dwelling in a background of creative electronic sounds, keyboards, powerfull beats and modern bass line, as imagined by Ludo.

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