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Music of the Day: Kingdom Collapse - Always

Relevance. It is one of the most innate human desires; to know that we are not alone and that others go through the same struggles. This is why the Texas-based band, Kingdom Collapse, is carving out their spot in the rock world.The world responded to their first single, “Suffer,” as it amassed over 5,000,000 YouTube views and 900,000 Spotify streams. Their 2020 hit radio single, “Uprise,” broke into the Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 40 as well as Mediabase Top 40 charts for 9 weeks straight. “Uprise” went on to be Sirius XM Octane’s #1 Most Played song for two straight weeks and has since accumulated over 1,600,000 Spotify streams.The group features Jonathan Norris on vocals, David Work on guitar, Aaron Smith on bass and Elijah Santucci on drums. Together, with a mutual vision, they are bringing their experiences to the masses.The band’s 2021 follow-up radio single, “Unbreakable,” is an anthem, emotionally honest and relevant to today's times. Written and produced by lead singer, Jonathan Norris and mixed/mastered by Chris Mora of War Horse Recordings. Norris writes, “‘Unbreakable’ is about looking back at various struggles and realizing that they made you stronger.”

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