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Music of the Day: Kill Strings - Black Gold

"I Swear I Was There" is the title of a book, in it the dazzling memories of those spectators who saw the legendary Sex Pistols concert in Manchester's Lesser Free Trade Hall in June 1976. It is possible that in a few years fans of KILL STRINGS will remember similarly emotionally charged. With "Introspection" and "THINK/LOVE/REBEL" they delivered two first-class EPs, the music editors of Spotify immediately took notice of the singles "Shining Star" and "Drag Me". No reason for the band to let up, on the contrary. Anno 2022 their sound sounds a lot more epic, shimmers euphorically in the apex of emotion and harshness, highly melodic synth walls and scratchy guitars. With MNRK Music Group, they have a first-class, internationally active label at their side, and Karsten Jahnke, one of the most established concert promoters around, is taking care of booking.

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