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Music of the Day: ICE OF NEPTUNE - Solitude

Ice of Neptune is a rock band from Italy/Greece, formed in 2019 by Pierlorenzo Molinari(vocals), Timoleon Adamopoulos(guitars) and Federico Giardini(bass). The journey starts back in 2019, when P.Molinari(ex-Kezia/ex-Blackmail of Murder) and T.Adamopoulos(Forbidden Lore) were planning the follow up of their rock opera EP "The Primordial Elements Trilogy" (released in 2019) and along with Federico Giardini (ex-Helldest/ex-Primo Suono/) started creating new material. In early 2020, they invited Alessandro Bissa(ex-Vision Divine/ex-Labyrinth/ex-Sound Storm/A Perfect Day) to record the drums for the band's debut studio album. Ice of Neptune's "Mr. D" was recorded in 4 different studios in Italy and Greece, through the 2020's quarantine and produced by T.Adamopoulos. It has been released in October 2021 via every streaming platform like Spotify and Amazon. The album through its 9 tracks, is telling the story of the modern man through different eras, from 60's until the present, all given by a prog rock-like atmosphere, while exploring some more modern-pop patterns also

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