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Music of the Day: Huron Lines - Blacklight

HURON LINES, a four-piece rock band from Windsor, ON established in 2021, is a direct result of the eclectic and adventurous nature of the scene it's members grew up in along the border of Canada and the USA. For the inhabitants of Canada’s most southern city, Detroit’s art deco skyline has become a symbol of identity and pride, as Windsorites are fed a steady diet of culture as local television, and terrestrial, public, and college radio are broadcasted across the emerald Detroit River. he debut album LOST AT THE BORDER, released November 2021, shows the quartet releasing the best music of their respective musical careers—pulling gracefully and forcefully from post-punk, shoegaze, garage rock, and hard hitting indie rock, all the while leaving the listener with something that could only have be birthed amongst the shadows of the Motor City.

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